Webinar: 09 March 2021 – Evaluation of Cultural Recovery Funded projects

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Evaluation of Cultural Recovery Funded projects

This webinar will take place 09 March 12pm, and it is for anyone who has received Cultural Recovery Funding in 2020 or has applied for CRF2. The aim of the webinar is to share examples of good practice in evaluation with a view to making it easier for organisations to communicate their achievements.
This webinar will equip you, as a current or potential grantee of the CRF, to know and share what your organisation’s achievements and future plan for continuous cultural recovery are. It will outline things you should do such as communicating the impact it has made to your investment managers and stakeholders and how to develop evaluation questions.
The webinar will also provide examples of evaluation techniques that can be used to better communicate positive change and lessons learned for future grant applications or reports to enable you to better articulate the economic and social impact of funding on your organisation’s performance.

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