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Placemaking & Regeneration

We believe that placemaking and regeneration should always be community-led and we are experts at undertaking public and community consultation.

Our ten-step consultation plan reaches a range of community stakeholders and the general public in a way that generates useful and useable results, helping clients determine and explore proposals that can be delivered, and reflect audience needs.

In the past five years, Tricolor has worked on placemaking and regeneration projects of all sizes, worth over £150 million and with multiple stakeholders. This has included working with Hull City Council, from the outset, on their ambitious, city-wide placemaking project. 

Tricolor’s Managing Director, Sarah Dowd, created an innovative and challenging bid strategy focused on developing partnerships, collaboration and innovative interdisciplinary working, invest to save strategies and managing risk as part of the Round 1 application, which was well- received by the HLF Yorkshire and Humberside regional office.

Dudley Townscape

As part of our management and mentoring role, Tricolor managed the entire development team, including architects, interpretation consultants and marine engineers and wrote the project bid. The team undertook extensive market assessments and impact profiling for this project and as part of an approach to go beyond the formal requirements of HLF at the first round, and an Activity Plan which outlined key partnerships and aims particularly around contributing towards City Plan goals to increase skills and employability in the city. This involved a large-­‐ scale consultation involving over 800 residents of hull and East Riding along with school sessions, consultation with staff, volunteers and stakeholders.

This project had a wide scope and aims to make a significant contribution to place-­making in the city whilst also achieving economic outcomes. Tricolor achieved the goal of a successful Round 1 bid to HLF for £15m in June 2017 through extensive consultation and collaborative working across a range of sectors and types of organisation.

Find out more about our placemaking, regeneration and consultation work with previous clients below: 


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