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Masterplanning & Visioning

As masterplanning consultants we will facilitate the steps to a strategic vision and masterplan that are inspirational, achievable, and a movement the whole organisation can get behind.

Masterplanning and visioning is an integral part of any major project. Your strategic vision is your long-term aspirational goal; the destination or change you want your organisation to reach. Your masterplan sets out the journey that will take you there, normally covering aspects such as significant spatial interventions, major organisational developments such as the launch of cultural products, or new programmes.

As part of our work with The Hockey Museum, we delivered three-stranded project, which was centered around business planning (including an income options and appraisal), governance (with consultation gap analysis, workshopping, and the design and development of a governance handbook) and an audience development review (involving designing an audience activities and development plan). Tricolor also incorporated a vision and strategic mission for THM as part of a Resilient Heritage project for the NLHF because the museum had come to the end of its strategic period and wanted to use the research completed as part of the resilient heritage work to strengthen its vision and mission. We also delivered a range of training with staff and trustees, as well as identifying future training needs within the team and focussed on bid management . theory of change and visioning. audience development, running focus groups and fundraising.

Jarrow Hall

With Hull City Council, Tricolor was involved in creating the vision and mission for this groundbreaking project, and were then invited back to undertake several threads of the Second Round Heritage Grant application. This in fact followed on from our work in the pre-development phase, creating the Activity Plan, Business Plan, Catering and Retail Strategies, Consultation and Community Engagement Strategies, and the project evaluation plan.

If you are struggling to establish either of these, our masterplanning consultants can help. Our workshop-based approach keeps you at the centre of discussions.

Take a look at some of our previous clients for more information on our masterplanning and visioning work:



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