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Tricolor are a digital-first agency who have been developing, delivering and managing NLHF compliant and funded projects for a decade.

We will be there every step of the way for you, managing the service lifecycle from end-to-end. We work with museum, heritage and cultural clients to provide custom software solutions, provide web design, develop and deliver social media marketing, and to create digital assets to help tell your story. Tricolor brings tech expertise and design insight to museums and heritage organisations to create tech projects that help you connect with your audiences.


Our tech experts will work with you to understand your tech challenges and engage your audiences around their tech needs and experiences. Rather than invest in the wrong solution, our experienced team will help you identify the most appropriate use of digital tools within an institution. We help museum directors, heritage project leaders and cultural clients to create programmes that engage audiences both online and offline.

The use of technology within the museums and heritage sector has increased massively due to the pandemic, but many staff are still struggling with how to integrate technology into their work. Museums and heritage organisations need to remain relevant in an increasingly digital world but they often rely on outdated or inappropriate approaches that don’t take into account the complexities of their audiences and their evolving needs and expectations.


Unlike other digital agencies, Tricolor knows museums. Our team of professionals have worked with museums across the UK, helping them deliver amazing digital projects. Tricolor helps organisations improve their level of digital relevancy to optimise engagement, operational efficiency and income generating and fundraising potential.

Don’t struggle using outdated technology – get the right digital toolkit for your team, tailored to your needs. With our emphasis on clarity, we help you produce websites, apps and Digital Strategies that consistently result in more visits and engagement.

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