LCT 7074: Resurrecting a D-Day hero

  • National Museum of the Royal Navy and Portsmouth City Council
  • £4,700,000
    Total Value
  • NLHF
  • Heritage Grant Round 2 - Successful 2017-2018
    Funding Stream

LCT 7074: Resurrecting a D-Day hero is a partnership between the National Museum of the Royal Navy (NMRM) and Portsmouth City Council (PCC). The project saw the preservation and relocation of a Second World War tank-carrying landing craft (LCT – land craft tank) built specifically for the 1944 D-Day landings. Built in just a few weeks and not designed nor expected to last beyond the Second World War, its survival is all the more remarkable. Following an extensive conservation programme, the large LCT was moved to a prominent public position outside the D-Day Story (operated by PCC) in Southsea, Portsmouth. This allows both physical access to the ship, as well as engagement with the stories of her construction and the experiences of those who built, operated or sailed into war on the ship and others like her.

Tricolor were appointed in 2017 to work with the multi-partner project team to develop an Activity Plan and Business Plan to support the Round 2 bid to HLF. The Activity Plan was developed upon extensive research and consultation, then identified and engaged delivery partners around England in locations linked to the ship’s wartime history. The Plan identified potential audiences, identified barriers to engagement, developed a detailed understanding of local audiences, the Portsmouth tourist marketplace, developing a wide range of volunteering and training opportunities, marketing and evaluation.

As part of developing the project Business Plan, Tricolor’s facilitated visioning approach enabled the partner organisations to design the project delivery model together and explore the most cost-effective, viable and sustainable operating model. It was vital that the business model achieved long-term financial sustainability for the LCT 7074 so it did not become a drain on the operating budgets of PCC or NMRN once the project funding period ended. Last minute operational challenges and issues were addressed through Tricolor-led visioning sessions that ensured a robust, evidence-backed, joined-up model was presented to the funders.

Tricolor’s Activity Plan and Business Plan were key elements of the successful bid which secured £4.7m in funding from NLHF.

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