Jarrow Hall Masterplan

  • Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle
  • NLHF Resilient Heritage Fund

Jarrow Hall Masterplan

Jarrow Hall is one of the north east’s most diverse and distinctive heritage attractions. The site celebrates the establishment and activities of the 7th century twin monasteries at Wearmouth and Jarrow and the life of the Venerable Bede, one of the first ecclesiastical historians in England.

The 11 acre site has a varied visitor offer, including a large museum, recreation Anglo-Saxon village, farm and the Georgian Jarrow Hall House. Recently, the site has expanded to include an animal sanctuary and development work is underway for new landscape plans and capital works to the museum. The current Resilience Grant will aid new operators Groundwork South Tyneside and Newcastle in creating a vibrant and welcoming place that uses heritage as a jumping off point to a new level of local impact. Tricolor’s work for GWSTAN is to prepare a new Masterplan for Jarrow Hall, which includes a review of the current business and financial operations on the site, consultation and audience development, a costed options appraisal for new use and income streams, financial modelling, consultation and training events for staff and volunteers. The completed Masterplan will articulate GWSTAN’s vision for Jarrow Hall and how that can be achieved in a sustainable and creative manner.

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