Richard Godfrey

Digital Consultant

Richard specialise's in working with Senior staff from a non-technical background ensuring that they have the knowledge and understanding to maximise their investments in technology.

I set up Syncity, in 2019 as a digital consultancy with a difference. I specialise in working with Senior staff from a non-technical background ensuring that they have the knowledge and understanding to maximise their investments in technology. Digital technology is now everyone’s job and I act as the bridge between the business and their IT department. Breaking down the barriers between the two and setting the environment up to write and deliver a digital strategy that the whole business can get behind. Prior to Syncity, I worked in local government for a decade with Peterborough City Council, launching the first cloud technology strategy in local government, being part of the team that won Worlds Smartest City and winning Amazons ‘City on A Cloud’ global award. I worked at all levels across the city and signed the first direct deal with Cityfibre in 2013 to put a new fibre network throughout the city providing broadband speeds that the rest of the world were jealous of. I have spoken across the world on digital and cloud computing and have authored two books on the subject. My focus now is on giving non-technical staff the confidence and knowledge to embrace technology to make them more efficient and effective in their roles, whilst making the business more profitable. Prior to Peterborough I have a mixed background from Sales and Operations, Policy and in the vehicle sector working with Virgin, Hertz and Sixt as well as many others. While being a relative newcomer to the heritage world, I worked closely with Vivacity Culture and Leisure Trust, which was an arms length organisation to the council. I also have a great interest in history and the Tudor period in particular.

My biggest enjoyment is seeing organisations adopt new technologies with real leadership driving the change. As a Coach and Mentor, there is nothing better than seeing this happen. The fast paced world of technology is so important to businesses and the rapid change is exciting whilst terrifying for some. Working with people to overcome this and to be confident is where I excel and it gives me enormous pleasure to help others. Working together to deliver real tangible outcomes.

Digital Strategy
Digital Efficiency
Digital Engagement
Business Improvement and Planning
Strategic development
Coaching and Mentoring

Role in Tricolor Projects:

2020 – Durham Cathedral –

15/09/2000 Richard starts his career with PKL Group as a Sales and Operations Executive

01/05/2002 Richard steps into the world of Local Authorities joining Westminster City Council

14/02/2008 Richard joins Inside Track as subsidiary of DHL

14/12/2008 Richard returns to Local Authority life joining Peterborough City Council

01/04/2016 Richard joins Arcus Global as a Project Director and Digital Consultant

01/06/2019 Richard sets up his own business, Syncity, specialising in digital technology

01/10/2019 Richard joins Verto Cloud as a freelance Public Sector Advisor

30/10/2020 Richard joins Tricolor as a freelance digital consultant

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