BA Archaeology and Geography, University of Manchester

Over 30 years of hands-on strategic and tactical experience at one of Britain’s best-loved museums, Imperial War Museums Duxford, Frank is an author of 17 books on aircraft and naval vessels and Tricolor’s resident historian.

It was volunteering on a Roman dig in Manchester that got me firmly hooked on heritage. Touching something that no-one has touched or seen for thousands of years was thrilling and that excitement of discovery has never left me. After a career in field archaeology and a desire to, literally, come in from the cold, I moved into the generally warmer world of museums. But whether explaining about Viking trade through finds or promoting access to archives or historic sites, for me it’s all about helping people find the relevance that helps them connect with their heritage.  I worked for the Imperial War Museum at Duxford for twenty years with posts in conservation, interpretation, marketing and revenue generation and this experience has served me well as a consultant.

As one of Tricolor’s two founders, I have worked in all aspects of our business since it started but am, as a result of my IWM experience, the go-to-guy for any projects connected to military or aviation history. I’ve also written a few books about historic aviation and have been a specialist advisor for the glamorous worlds of film and commemorative stamps.

My favourite thing about my work is getting ‘behind the scenes’ and helping clients realise the full potential of their projects. It’s also great to see so many of the projects we worked on, sometimes from the earliest days, complete and thriving.

  • Marketing
  • Activity Planning
  • Interpretation
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Film-making

Previous Experience:

  • Archaeologist working in York, Canterbury, Manchester, Essex
  • University of Cambridge Library Project Assistant
  • Conservation Assistant, Imperial War Museum
  • Exhibitions/Interpretation Coordinator, Imperial War Museum
  • Deputy Head of Marketing and PR, Imperial War Museum Duxford
  • Head of Marketing, Imperial War Museum Duxford
  • Head of Marketing and Commercial, Imperial War Museum Duxford
  • Founder Director of Tricolor
  • Heritage Lottery Fund Mentor

Role in Tricolor Projects:

  • Oakham Castle – Audience Development and Interpretation Planning
  • Epping Forest District Museum – Activity Planning
  • Kenley Airfield – Activity Planning
  • Erewash Museum Old Stables – Activity Planning, Interpretation Planning, Research and Content Delivery
  • Alexandra Palace – Activity Planning
  • Ely Museum Activity and Interpretation Planning
  • Colne Valley Railway – Activity and Interpretation Planning
  • Bury St Edmunds Guildhall – Activity Planning, Interpretation Planning and Research and Content Delivery
  • Dudley Townscape Heritage – Activity Planning
  • Worksop Townscape Heritage – Activity Planning
  • Burslem Townscape Heritage Initiative 3 – Audience Development Planning
  • Shire Horse Society – Marketing and PR Strategy and Delivery
  • De Havilland Aircraft Museum – Activity Planning
  • Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery – Activity Planning
  • Wedgwood Institute – Activity and Interpretation Planning
  • East Anglian Railway Museum – HLF bid support
  • American Air Museum in Britain – PR Strategy and Delivery
  • Hull: Yorkshire’s Maritime City – HLF bid support and Heritage Statements of Significance
  • Royal Anglian Regimental Museum – Audience Research and Consultation
  • Royal Artillery Museum – HLF bid support and interpretation delivery
  • Heugh Battery Museum – HLF Mentoring, Organisational and Operating Review
  • North East Land Sea and Air Museums – Organisational and Operating Review
  • St Botolph’s, Boston – Interpretation Planning and Options Appraisal
  • St Albans Cathedral – Activity Planning
  • Canterbury Cathedral – Activity Planning
  • Willesden Jewish Cemetery – Activity Planning
  • Express and Star Newspaper Group – Activity Planning
  • Rose Playhouse, Bankside – Activity Planning
  • Riverside Studios – Activity and Interpretation Planning
  • Unlocking the Severn Project – Activity Planning

My heritage

  • 1985

  • 01/07/1985

    Frank joins Imperial War Museums Duxford

  • 2002

  • 14/10/2002

    Frank's first book - "Fighters" is published

  • 2006

  • 06/04/2006

    Frank leaves Imperial War Museums Duxford

  • 2010

  • 31/10/2010

    Sarah & Frank formed Tricolor

  • 2013

  • 02/09/2013

    Frank is appointed mentor and monitor for National Lottery Heritage Fund

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