#LockdownReflections Vol. 2

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We’re back with the second volume of our #LockdownReflections! We would love to read yours, so tag us @TricolorAssocs when you share yours! We want to know how you’re doing.

Kim's Cookbook

I’m a Canadian who’s been living in England for 25 years now, with all of my family back in the frozen north (certainly frozen at this time of year, anyway!). This Christmas I bought my mom my favourite cookbook so we can cook together even thought she’s 5,000 miles away. We could have done this at any point over the last quarter century, but it took the enforced separation of Covid to come up with some different ways of being apart yet together. So on with the aprons, crank up the tunes, and let the cross-continent cooking adventures begin!

via Kim Stabler – follower her @fatclubkim for some serious drool worthy pics of her concoctions!

Jane's kids frolicking

Early on in Lockdown 1, my son (he had just turned 3) and 4 year old daughter were in the garden putting tubs and containers all around the garden. I asked them what they were doing and they said ‘we’re going to catch the Coronavirus and trap it’! – which I assumed was a game. A few days later though, on a walk, there was a cloud of midges and they stopped, closed their eyes and clapped their hands over their mouths. It was then that I realised they had heard the word ‘bug’ associated with Coronavirus and, with their understanding, thought that it was a sort of small insect. We have to be so careful in the language we use – although this whole episode is stressful, unsettling and worrying for us as adults, for children it can be so confusing and downright scary. It’s been my responsibility and priority as a parent through all this to not let my children worry and shield them as much as I can – childhood is such a precious and fleeting thing.

Via Jane Beattie (@JaneBeattie10)

The Dowds

One of the worst aspects of being in lockdown this last year is that we were denied fulfilling our 35 year tradition of assembling the whole family for Thanksgiving in Vermont. 2021, let’s start the tradition again!!

Via Andrew Dowd (@AndrewD162329153)

Rollerskating in the parking lot

Whilst I managed to get back into a lot of my sporty hobbies during the first lockdown, this second one is proving way more difficult. I don’t know if it is because anytime I go out to rollerskate I turn into a icicle or because of COVID fatigue, but I’m about to change my yoga mornings for knitting evenings…

Via Al Jato (@al_jato)


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