#LockdownReflections Vol. 1

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COVID has massively impacted our lives at every level. Here at Tricolor we not only recognize how this affects cultural and heritage organisations, but how it affects ourselves at a personal, individual level. We have recently started sharing our #LockdownReflections on Twitter. We hope that these reflections make you feel a little less alone.

Astronaut in a church

I really miss the grandparent jaunts with the granddaughters. Sometimes arranged far in advance as part of the inevitable patchwork-quilt cover for school holidays but sometimes at short notice. Either way I’d try to build in things that were fun for all concerned – including me – from natural history and train rides to seeing a spaceship in a cathedral. Whatever the experience, it was about doing things together, finding out about things and each other. For now we can just come up with ideas for things that might make it onto the agenda in the future. Zoom interaction with grandkids having butterfly minds is far from ideal but is better than the alternative. I’ve tried finding quality stories to read to them on Zoom, but with mixed results – I found that it pays to check the story through first as Beatrix Potter, for example, has a fair share of tear-inducing death and destruction hidden among the delightful illustrations…

Frank Crosby (@FrankCrosby)

(some of) The Dowds

The year stretches out ahead of me and in a lot of ways I forget that a year has already passed since I’ve seen my parents and over a year since I’ve seen my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew. Having lived abroad for almost 20 years, this is the first time that the Atlantic Ocean has opened up like a cavernous maw, not to be crossed without some difficulty. I not only miss them, I fear something may happen that’s not even COVID related and I can’t just BE there with them.

I take solace in my work, helping others as much as I can but some of that is to take my mind off the heavy weight of the unknown I feel sitting on my chest.

Joy comes from reading plays and film scripts with like-minded theatre friends and Zoom dinners but it never changes the feeling of being so far, far apart and not know if it will be another whole year before I can hug them again.”

Sarah Dowd (@Sarah_Dowd)

Happy dad

My dad lives in a care home in Montreal, Canada, and is living with dementia. His illness is accelerating, and I’m sure that this is, in part, due to him having Covid early on in the pandemic. He is not able to have visitors – even if I were able to travel to Canada from the UK. We have Zoom calls regularly, but as the disease progresses he is increasingly unable to engage. I am coming to terms with the fact that, due to distances, travel bans, quarantines, social distancing and care home restrictions, it is unlikely that I will ever see him in person again.

Kim Stabler

Jane´s busy desk

“These last 9 months have challenged me in ways I could never have imagined as a parent! Trying to not just keep up with all the schoolwork, keeping preschoolers occupied and juggling all their various needs (physical, educational and emotional); but also spending time with them all in the fresh air and getting the housework done (there are 6 of us…imagine even just the LAUNDRY!). This is all before mentioning the work I have been proud to be involved with for Tricolor throughout the same period. Delivering on projects and helping clients to achieve critical funding; seeing and hearing about the impact that Covid has had on them, their projects and of course their staff. Oh, and also we moved house 200+ miles away…. This picture of my morning setup routine begins to show some of the realities of homeschool – add to this picture in your imagination 3 x homeschooling children, 2 x stressed out working parents and 1 x 3 year old William (who I think has probably met ALL of my colleagues and clients at this point…sorry again…) and you’re almost there.”

Jane Beatie

Science experiments at home

“Virtual Learning is great……. if you are not a 4 or 6 year old. One thing 2020 taught me, was how the get creative and interactive in the kids learning. Throughout the year, I have conducted at least 20 experiments with the kids ranging from Baking Soda Volcano to Colours and Light to Pendulums to Homemade Electro-Magnets. It has re-ignited the wonder I once had, and for that, I am grateful.”

Andrew Dowd (@AndrewD16239153)

“I usually see my family once or twice per year – since I’ve arrived to the UK, I have only seen them once. Adjusting to a new country in the middle of a pandemic has been a struggle, to say the least. Spending Christmas away from home was particularly tough – and not only because home is an island where I spend NYE on the beach. Skype, Zoom and my aunt’s care packages (which have now been interrupted due to Brexit, of course!) have seen me through the year.”

Alba Jato (@al_jato)

Stay tuned for Vol. 2!


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