Historic England £2m fund open for emergencies & projects

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Historic England

Historic England has set up a £2 million emergency response fund covering two criteria – emergency rescue for financial revenue support over the next three months (max grant £25k) and a recovery fund for projects and activities (max £50k). 

  • The deadline midnight on 3 May 2020

Details are:

  • Prioritise support to organisations and projects that care for and/or work on the most significant heritage assets (Grade I and II* Listed Buildings, Scheduled Monuments, etc) or organisations that play a vital and nationally important role in supporting heritage organisations in England. 
  • Only inviting applications that meet one of the two criteria set out below.
  • To be eligible for funding, proposals must address one of the following two criteria: „ 
  • Will consider applications for emergency revenue support from local or national heritage organisations, including privately-owned heritage attractions and heritage businesses (such as conservation specialists and suppliers of conservation materials), where other Government and/or Lottery channels of support are not applicable. 
  • To be considered for revenue support organisations will need to provide evidence that they do not have sufficient reserves to cover operational costs for the next three months, demonstrate that the coronavirus crisis is the principal reason for the revenue problem, and provide evidence that they have investigated other possible routes for grant funding, including other grant givers.

Criterion 1 – Emergency Revenue Funding:

  • We can cover essential expenditure, such as staff salaries (where these are not supported by other Government and/or Lottery channels of support) and costs to allow applicants to operate at a minimal level and respond to the current situation.
  • We can also help to cover essential operational costs (such as rent, rates, insurance increases and security of heritage assets, sites or offices).
  • Partnership funding is not required. We cannot fund costs that are eligible for other Government and/or Lottery channels of support; the remaining 20 per cent salary costs for staff on furlough or any additional salary costs above the furloughing cap; or redundancy costs.
  • Being in receipt of some other Government and/or Lottery channels of support does not necessarily preclude application for Historic England funding, providing it is not a duplication of funding.


Criterion 2 – Projects and Activities

  • Which respond to the current crisis and will contribute to the recovery of the heritage sector. Who can we fund? Heritage organisations, self-employed contractors, third-sector organisations and voluntary groups across a range of activities. 
  • Project types include reduce risk to heritage caused by the crisis by providing information, resources and skills to understand and sustainably manage heritage assets; increase understanding of the nature and degree of the additional threats to heritage as a result of the crisis, which of these are the most significant and vulnerable, and develop creative ways to help us look after it; or enable people to understand, value and enjoy the historic environment, perhaps through skills or engagement, either now during the current crisis, as we enter the recovery phase, or for future legacy. 
  • All organisations are eligible to apply. 
  • https://historicengland.org.uk/content/docs/grants/calls-for-proposals-covid-19-emergency-response-fund/


We are offering free advice and guidance to all applicants. You can find additional guidance and resources for other funders on our Covid19 Resources page or alternatively, get in touch with us to book a free 1 to 1 with our directors. 




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