Funds now open

Arts Council England has opened the first of two Rounds of Emergency Funding for ONE WEEK only. Make sure you review the guidance and choose which round is right for you.


Emergency Funding for non-NPOs and individuals NOW OPEN for one week

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Arts Council England has released the first of two tranches of emergency funds on Thursday 09 April, with only one week to apply. The funds are aimed at non-National Portfolio Organisations and creative practitioners.

Applicants must be registered on the Grantium portal by Monday 13 April in order to apply by the closing date of 12 noon on Thursday 16 April.

A second tranche will be released on Thursday 16 April until Thursday 27 April, however, the funds available will be split evenly across the two tranches and you will not be able to apply for both.

Check out Tricolor’s live funder guidance here – Covid 19 Fundraising Resources.

Click here for Application Guidance for non-NPOs 

Click here for Application Guidance for individuals working in the creative sector. 

If you are an organisation that requires support applying to the fund, let’s talk.


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