Project Description

HLF Heritage Grant Round 2 Interpretation Strategy, Interpretation Plan and Exhibition Designs to RIBA 3, Activity Plan and HLF mentoring and project management

Tricolor was appointed in June 2015 to undertake the Estate-wide Interpretation Strategy for the entire Royal Pavilion Estate, as well as the Interpretation Plan and designs to RIBA 3 and the Consultation and Activity Plan for Phase 1 of the Brighton Dome and Brighton Festival £4.9 million HLF bid.

In the period of only 10 weeks, Tricolor engaged over 1000 people in the consultation including running stakeholder engagement sessions for internal staff and volunteers. We worked with Brighton and Hove area organisation, Community Works, to establish a partnership to engage with over 450 community groups in the area, including groups representing young people, older people, people with disabilities and people from BME and LBGT communities.

Key statistics on Royal Pavilion Estate project

  • £4.9 HLF Heritage Grant Round 2 application
  • £19m overall project
  • Two main stakeholders / clients: Royal Pavilion and Museums (part of Brighton and Hove Council) and Brighton Dome and Festival
  • Over 450 community groups contacted
  • Over 1000 public consultation responses received in less than 4 weeks
  • Interpretation Planning and RIBA 3 designs
  • Activity Planning
  • Consultation Management
  • Estate-wide Interpretation Strategy Development
  • Project management of wayfinding and branding agencies
  • HLF mentoring